Monday, May 26, 2008

HANK RAY'S Musical Journey In Bakersfield

Bakersfield guitar and vocal. Country Blues. Hank Ray only started this playing guitar again about a year ago to kill time at lunch break, hadn’t played for 20 years . He felt compelled to record a song for his younger brother’s funeral in July and did the other songs for fun. It was a last minute thing, the only recording facility willing to squeeze him in was “Electric Cowboy Records” of Bakersfield. Kelly White Vice President of Electric Cowboy Records was intrigued by Ray’s raw (sometimes down right crude) style and shinny chrome resonator guitar . Since it was for bereavement, and Kelly was generally curious, he made a slot for Ray and gave him the “bereavement fare”. Hank Ray was on A.M. 1560 on the 20th, 4 days after the recording session ,The Jaz Mckay show did a blues program at 2PM and they got down with some Hank! Jaz said "I love that Blues shit, it's friggin' great! This after playing "Bakersfield Blues" on Hanks demo record "Streets Of Heaven" on the Bakersfield Kookoonauts own Indy label "Rodent Sandwich Records" this is like home spun but gives it the underground country flavor. Recorded at: Electric Cowboy Studios in Bakersfield, Ca. ( The recording had only been made on July 16th (radio on the 20th) and was done as a live recording and took about 2 hours for all 5 songs (including set up, a quick mix of the tunes and 2 beers), I guess it shows in some of Ray’s fumbles and stuff, but Hank is coming to town dudes, traditional country blues is not dead here in Bakersfield!

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