Monday, May 26, 2008



I met BLT at the Green room. Next we played together at this benefit. "Dr. B.L.T. (Bruce L. Thiessen, Ph.D.), but you can call me Bruce or Dr. BLT. I'm a singer/songwriter who writes, records, and produces his own music in his own storytelling style, but he also brings in other artists as performers, vocalists, and co-writers who offer their own creative interpretation of his unique style. My music credentials include: recently placing a song on the top 30 at #21 at with a song that has become known as The Black Santa Song; getting national airplay; and having a cameo on an MTV-award-nominated music video by Cake for a song called Short Skirt/Long Jacket. In addition to being a singer/songwiter, I have a day job. I am a clinical/forensic psychologist, a university instructor. I was born and raised in Canada, but I am a dual citizen, a long-time resident of California, and a current resident of Bakersfield. For ten years, I've been write articles that integrate psychological principles and spiritual insights for Vocations and Prayer magazine. For nearly as long, I've been writing an advice column, writing interview/profile pieces, and doing CD reviews for the e-zine, Phantom Tollbooth: I am the "Fan in Black," who wrote and released an entire CD featuring original songs about the life and music of Johnny Cash. If you've visited Russo's at the Marketplace recently, you'll also notice that I've released several other CDs, including Confessions of a Buckaholic, a Buck Owens tribute CD featuring original songs about the life and music of Buck Owens. I listen to, write, and record modern rock, alt rock, retro rock, classic rock, country, alt country and many more styles of music. I write and record a new song almost every day. What can I say? Music rocks! PS: "I am always looking for vocaiist and other musician to perform, and record my many many songs. So if you live in the Bakersfield area and would like a chance to record one of my songs please contact me"

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