Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Buck Owens; His Son John has arrived to Revive his Father's Legacy.

(Photos by: Hank Ray; bottom photo is Buck Shot with Hank Ray slouching in front)

Buck Owens; His Son John has arrived to Revive his Father's Legacy. Since the passing of Buck Owens, the father of "twang", "the Bakersfield sound" has faded into the darkness. An answer to a pungent cry from the this musical darkness to unite Bakersfield's’ fragmented music scene and create a new Bakersfield sound. Truly, Owens is passionate about his music, I don’t see much encouragement of the music that has been named “Bakersfield sound” and it would be a nice backlash to the highly polished “American Idol” pop-country music that now rules the roost. His band,
"Buck Shot", will be at the Crystal Palace on August 6th and again at the
"Birthday Bash". John Owens has a sound you will find sharp and refreshing. The band made up of local heavy metal musicians ads substance to the music, but it is unmistakably OWENS!

The name of the band is “Buckshot” and they are locked and loaded, fully loaded for buck, Buck that is, for one of the lead singers is John Owens, son of the father, of the Bakersfield Sound. John has been a hard working ranch hand and foreman on the Owens’ Horse Ranch for most of his life; he is the quintessential American Cowboy persona and carries himself in accordance. He is a caricature the west; speaks in a direct manner, he is reserved with facial expression and tone. When we first met, I couldn’t help reflecting on the 1993 western movie classic “Tombstone”; when the character Mr. Fabian (the young actor) stated to Josephine Marcus (as they exit the stage coach), when it first arrives in the dusty streets of Tombstone: “you've set your gaze upon the quintessential frontier type. Note the lean silhouette... eyes closed by the sun, though sharp as a hawk. He's got the look of both predator and prey”.
John Owens has none of attributes of a musician, save one; he has a voice bestowed on him from the father; his father, the father of the Bakersfield sound. Mr. Owens truly has the best country music voice I have ever heard.


Simon Faughn and Buck’s son, John Owens: on lead Vocals

David Allen: on rhythm guitarist,

Mike Martin: on lead guitar, Harmony vocals

DD Boutros: on bass

Colby Swank: on drums.

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